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Homeowners need an advocate -- someone on their side to make sure the work gets done right, at the right price.

Are you interested in remodeling your basement, kitchen or bathroom or perhaps building an addition? Not sure what you are getting into? Not sure if you need one contractor to do the entire project or trade specific contractors? Do you feel that you wouldn’t have enough knowledge to make good decisions? Worried that the contractor would do things correctly? Call today and let me solve these problems.
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Home Renovations / Additions / Remodeling Consulting Service

planning it out

working together with your team


Never before has this service been available to the individual homeowner. I can act as a consultant on any size remodeling project in your home. You no longer have to rely solely on the word of the contractor whom you are paying to complete the work.

Here are ways Home Expert Ohio can help you:

Getting started is the hardest step:

  • I can help you determine what your renovation project entails
  • I can evaluate the plans for your project and advise you on the design layout
  • I can assess your plans for feasibility, practicality and cost-efficiency
  • I can educated you on how the process works
  • I can guide you on what to expect along the way
  • I can educate you on:
    • What kind of contractors are needed
    • How to find a good contractor
    • What questions to ask these contractors

    ..So that you can find the right contractor that meet your needs


Let me help with contractor discussions

Once you’ve decided to proceed, I can guide you through every step of the process, including:
  • Assess plan for feasibility and utilization of space
  • Review scope of work with contractors
  • Explain and assist with obtaining building permits
  • Meet with contractors and building officials
  • Determine potential obstacles
  • Review industry standards and work specifications with contractor
  • Guide you through the inspection process
  • Monitor work schedules
  • Continually inspect quality of workmanship
  • Inspect quality of workmanship
  • Trouble- shoot unforeseen dilemmas
  • Reduce stress to homeowner
  • Educate homeowner through out process so decisions can be made in their best interest

do it yourself--use me as a resource

Additionally, if you are thinking of 
(or have already started) 
doing the renovation yourself, I can help you with any or all of the above issues. We can discuss you skill level and comfort with the project.

 Work Examples
Basement Remodel 

I was hired to help a do-it-yourself client complete his basement remodeling project. I was able to guide him in very specific phases that were critical to the function and form of the project. He had the skills to perform the labor but was not familiar with the intricacies of putting the pieces together correctly. For example, he knew how to construct a wall, assemble a toilet and run the plumbing but did not realize that a toilet needs to be placed a specific distance from the wall to allow for plumbing access. I was able to review his remodeling plans and make the appropriate revisions to ensure that the construction was done properly the first time. This saved him countless hours and money redoing things that had been done incorrectly.


Patio Addition

One client had obtained my services to review the plans for a major exterior patio addition. After obtained estimates from three separate landscape architect firms they felt so overwhelmed they almost did not pursue their dream backyard. Each firm had come up with different problems with the design and different solutions that made the homeowners weary of what they were getting into. I was able to evaluate the needs of the client, inspect the patio site, and trouble-shoot the potential drainage problems (something that none of the landscape firms had addressed properly). Most importantly, I explained each issue so they could understand the problem and how to solve it. They eventually hired me to oversee the entire construction process. I met with the individual contractors, assisted in obtaining building permits, educated the homeowner on materials to purchase and helped coordinate the schedule. I was able to guide them through the process and reassure the homeowners along the way, giving them peace of mind that the project was completed correctly.
Atrium Addition

Overseeing the entire renovation project can sometimes benefit the homeowner on multiple levels. I recently oversaw an atrium addition where I was able to trouble-shoot problems for the various contractors on many occasions that not only benefited the contractors but the homeowner directly. Initially, I evaluated the blue prints for the atrium and noted that the design of the addition would have interfered with the existing roof and caused water drainage and ventilation problems. I then helped redesign the pitch of the roof to optimize storm water drainage into the existing gutters (which neither the sales person nor the engineers or architects had discovered in the original blueprints). Secondly, by recommending test dig holes to the excavator, I was able to help the excavator identify difficult land/soil conditions so that correct equipment was available thereby, reducing time and money wasted having the wrong equipment. Additionally, I assessed the water drainage from the home site and made recommendations to the contractor laying the foundation. The contractor then made allowances for and adjusted the appropriate drainage away from the house so that rain water would not leak into the existing basement.

excavating help

Call me and avoid Big Problems

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Are you located in Portage, Geauga, Cuyahoga, Lake, Medina, Summit, Ashtabula, Lorain, or Huron county, Ohio and need home remodeling consulting, a home remodeling expert, or northeast Ohio house remodeling help? Do you need advice regarding your northeast Ohio Home improvement idea, basement remodel, kitchen remodel, house addition, bathroom remodel or attic remodel?

I offer home remodeling planning. I am a home remodeling expert located in Northeastern Ohio and can answer all your questions. I can customize my services to fit your needs.

Please email or call today!   1- 330-968-9963

Home Expert Ohio offers complete home help in the greater Cleveland, northeast Ohio area. We also service surrounding counties: portage,  geauga,  cuyahoga, lake, medina, summit, ashtabula, lorain, huron, etc. This is the company that will solve difficult Home building problems, solve difficult repairs in and around your home and offer expert advice on all home building questions.  We are the Home repair consulting and home repairs exper tin Ohio. Your house repair help, if you are located in northeast ohio, is only a phone call away. Do you need a  house damage repair estimate, or home repair estimates for your Ohio home? Do you need an insurance home damage estimate done privately? We offer house repair help, home repair planning, building code issues solved in northeast ohio.

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