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HomeExpertOhio.com is based in Aurora Ohio and serves the Greater Cleveland, Ohio Metropolitan Area and surrounding counties. It offers UNIQUE SERVICES TO BUILDING AND HOME IMPROVEMENT customers in Ohio. Home Expert Ohio gives expert qualified advice regarding all phases of new home building. Areas also included: existing home repair, home renovation and additions, opinion and troubleshooting contractor problems, and complete homeowner maintenance education.

We provide custom advice and expert solutions to any phase of your home building, repair, upgrade or maintenance project. Call us at 330-968-9963 when you want an EXPERT opinion--BEFORE, DURING or AFTER your project is completed. Sometimes these unique services are defined: "home advocate" or "home specialist". We come in when our northeastern Ohio customers need someone to tell the truth about a repair problem, or just when an expert second opinion to be sure that the course of action the contractor is planning is the best one for the situation.

For example, maybe your concrete repair solution went bad and your contractor isn't giving you much help after the fact. We can be called in to troubleshoot the issue and offer solutions that were not considered and act on your behalf as an advocate with the contractor.

Or you may want to simply be a more educated home owner and take advantage of our Home Education Maintenance Package. This allows you to be trained in how to monitor and keep ahead of home maintenance routines, troubleshooting problems before they happen and best practices for replacement and upkeep of home systems like wiring, plumbing/septic, furnace/AC, etc.

Todd Aini---The Home Expert!

Meet Todd Aini, the Owner and founder of MTA Home Building Consultant and the company behind HomeExpertOhio.com who will assist you with your building project, home improvement, 
home addition or home maintenance issue.

International code Council, member
Ohio Building Officials Association, member
Master Building Society Award
Construction Volume Award- 8 years
Baltimore Region Most Outstanding Performance in Production
NVR Presidents Award-Most Outstanding Performance in Production

Wouldn't it be nice to have a friend you could call to advise you on any home project or problem?
Well, now you do!  

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Here are some examples of services/benefits available from Home Expert Ohio
  • I offer an impartial, expert opinion on your current repair/ renovation/ building or maintenance issue.
  • I will help you protect your investment.
  • I will troubleshoot for future problems and help avoid pitfalls.
  • I will reduce the stress of dealing with contractors by acting as your liaison.
  • I can educate you so that you understand what to ask of your contractors.
  • I will provide peace of mind that the work being done is in the best interest of you, the homeowner.
  • I can help you prevent unnecessary repairs or disasters with a home maintenance inspection.
  • I will reduce costs and delays by ensuring the work is done correctly the first time.
  • I will serve as your advocate and help you make wise decisions about your home.
Home Expert Ohio offers complete home help in the greater Cleveland, northeast Ohio area. We also service surrounding counties: portage,  geauga,  cuyahoga, lake, medina, summit, ashtabula, lorain, huron, etc. This is the company that will solve difficult Home building problems, solve difficult repairs in and around your home and offer expert advice on all home building questions.  We are the Home repair consulting and home repairs exper tin Ohio. Your house repair help, if you are located in northeast ohio, is only a phone call away. Do you need a  house damage repair estimate, or home repair estimates for your Ohio home? Do you need an insurance home damage estimate done privately? We offer house repair help, home repair planning, building code issues solved in northeast ohio.

We are the building code expert in Ohio. Other functions:  building code troubleshooter, home repairs according to code in Ohio, home repair contractor help in Ohio, home repair education Cleveland, house repair advice in Cleveland, trouble shooting bad home repairs, home maintenance help, home maintenance advice, home maintenance education, expert home maintenance help, home maintenance planning, home maintenance lists,  home maintenance consulting, and home maintenance reminders. 

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Home Page New Home Construction Home Repair Home Renovation Home Maintenance Testimonials and Experience Contact Us
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